Packaging Design, Brand Identity

Zafferano Italiano

Saffron Packaging

Project goals

1_ Give value to the spice
Through the packaging we want to express the high preciousity of the spice inside. For us value means also italianity; thanks to a new packaging we want to stress the origin of the spices.
2_ Exten packaging’s life
Most of the already existing packagings are disposable objects. Through the new packaging we want to create a diffuse culture around the spice, in a way that he wants to preserve it.

The booklet

The booklet is strictly link to the association Zafferano Italiano that works for the protection of national products. When the user opens the booklet a pop-up made by simple paper presents the bag with the pistils. The booklets are six; thanks to the information inside the booklet the user is push to collect them and keep the packaging also after the use of the saffron.


Politecnico di Milano, Communication Design
March - June 2014


Valeria Bucchetti

Project realised with

Dominique Basch, Maria Piera Mattioli, Lucia Oggioni and Diego Quetti

The Booklet

Booklet detail
Booklet detail
Booklet detail

Booklet detail

The flower origami

The main aim of this packaging is to evoke and transmit to the user the history and the essence of the saffron. The spice is placed inside of an origami flower. To draw the plastic bags the user has to open the flower, a gesture that reminds at the collection of the pistils.

Flower origami

Flower origami detail

These projects were exhibited at

in November 2014
Flower origami detail

Flower origami detail
Flower origami detail