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Keeping an eye on the Eye

Two opposite views in the debate on mass surveillance

One page website about the debate on mass surveillance.
Snowden's disclosures have lighten up the discussion about mass surveillance.
Who is watching us? Where is the borderline between security and control?
The website maps how the debate is going on in the Web, starting from data collected in the previews research.

The National Security Agency ensures the public safety, but who filters reality is also likely to influence it. It is an organization which aims to safeguard US security by controlling massive communications. The collective imagination concerning this organization is built and influenced by two main performers: the TV series picture the NSA as a symbol of protection, focusing on the word "security", especially after the September 11, 2001; on the other hand journalists talk about NSA referring to the "mass surveillance" as a violation of rights and a practice to stop permanently. The readers are urged to be aware of how these two opposing narratives can filter the reality and influence their perception.

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Politecnico di Milano, Communication Design
November 2014 - February 2015


Paolo Ciuccarelli, Marco Fattore, Stefano Mandato, Donato Ricci and Salvatore Zingale

Project realised with

Marianna Caserta, Francesca Casnati, Chiara Cingottini and Giulia Sonzogni

Keeping an eye on the Eye

Keeping an eye on the Eye visualization

The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything.The vast majority of human communicationsare automatically ingested without targeting.

Edward Snowden, 2013

Keeping an eye on the Eye

Keeping an eye on the Eye visualization

Keeping an eye on the Eye

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